Zenit is a laboratory of clinical analysis that works throughout the country offering diagnostic services to the animal sector.

Zenit’s naming was based on the concepts of observation and science.
We wanted to emphasize the importance of the scientific perspective as a starting point in the fields of R&D.

In the outline of their logo, the initial concepts coexist as symbols, and all the layers converge to create the main image.

When working on the color range of the brand, we knew that Zenit is not just another laboratory, so we wanted to avoid using the colors linked to the scientific world, in order to show a young spirited identity ready to revolutionize the sector.
The color we chose was intense yellow.

  • Naming

  • Brand identity

  • Graphic design

  • Art direction

  • Packaging

  • Signage

  • Space design

For Zenit’s exterior and interior signage, we created several pictograms based on the brand’s image.

The exterior of their facilities showcasing their strong corporate yellow color, has a great visual impact.
A whole statement of intent.