Sambucus is a non-profit cooperative and insertion company. They provide professional opportunities to people with socio-occupational difficulties.

They reached out to us to create the graphic design for the packaging of their bulk and monodose ecological infusions.

We wanted to provide movement to their packaging with minimalist graphics, and intense green as the main color.

A game between geometric, organic and repeated shapes, which helps differ each infusion type.

Their slogan ‘From the earth to the cup creating opportunities’ gives a very graphic image of their work.

They grow about 40 species of plants organically, cut by hand, dried in the solar dryer and packaged by hand.

Their infusions do not travel. They go from the field to the dryer in 10 minutes and within 3 days are dry and stored for good preservation.

  • Branding

  • Graphic design

  • Packaging