P2009 is a personal project.
It is born from the passion of a father and his children for gastronomy and popular traditions, specifically patxaran, a product deeply connected with the family roots.

P2009 was the first production of a family patxaran that has continued over time.

From the ground to the table and from the table to the body.
Patxaran is a drink of Basque origin, of red and brownish colours, obtained by maceration of sloe or blackthorn.

Patxaran’ comes from the Basque language, and means ‘sloe liqueur’. It derives from the words paitar, pattar ‘liquor’ and aran ‘plum’.

Patxaran - P2009 - Alucina estudi de disseny gràfic
Patxaran - P2009 - Alucina estudi de disseny gràfic

The letter P of patxaran and at the same time of Pablo, the father’s name, magically is also the initials of Pablo Neruda.

And so, the son, a designer, created and applied the graphics and the daughter, a literature-lover, selected a delicate fragment of a poem to complete the experience.

The result is a representation of the three members of the family who are combined in a 100% crafted and handmade product.

Life, you are beautiful like my beloved one
and between your breasts there’s a scent of spearmint.

Life, you are a full machine, happiness,
sound of storm, tenderness of delicate oil.

Life, you are like a vineyard:
you treasure the light and you give it back transformed into clusters of grapes.

Ode to life, Pablo Neruda

Patxaran - P2009 - Alucina estudi de disseny gràfic
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