Mas Bosch 1526

Mas Bosch 1526 is a boutique hotel located in the middle of nature, at the heart of Empordà.

It is a fortified farmhouse of the XVI century, restored by the architect Javier Clarós, who applied the latest trends in architecture, home automation and clean technology.

The history of this farmhouse is reflected in the decorative elements on the outside and inside of the building. The fact that at the end of the XVII century Mas Bosch was used as a hospital by the Templars and its environment full of olive groves, owned by the estate, was the starting point for the design of its new branding.

From its new logo, we created a color range to distinguish the different business areas of Mas Bosch 1526.

The hotel has a restaurant area, wine bar, spa, polo club and they also create their own olive oil line.

Ocher for the calm of the hotel restaurant, brown for the direct contact with the earth in the polo club, red for the wine bar and its delicate wines, soothing lilac for the spa area and finally green for its olive groves.

Five different concepts defined with five different colors.

  • Branding

  • Corporate Identity

  • Graphic design

  • Comunication

  • Web design

  • Web Development

  • Interior Design

  • Signage and Labelling

The hotel’s labelling and signage was a challenge. We wanted to maintain the harmony between the original elements of the farmhouse and the new architecture, using natural materials to give value to the concepts of sustainability and respect for the environment, one of the pillars of Mas Bosch.

Finally we worked on different formats and materials: stone, wood, glass and metal; giving consistency and strength to the identity.

The internal structure of the farmhouse is composed by a lot of corners and passages that required a very careful design and application of signs, for this reason we created a series of pictograms to illustrate the text of all the variety of signs, indicating the different areas of the hotel.

A spectacular project for a dream accommodation.

Once the branding, signage and labelling were completed, we designed and developed the hotel’s website following the same line of work: applying a completely corporate aesthetic, providing room for the history as well as the different areas of Mas Bosch 1526 .

This aesthetic was also applied to the service menus of the hotel, restaurant, wine bar and spa, as well as the different elements intended for the promotion of the polo club and the hotel itself.

The result is a brand that cares about its image and, consequently, its customers.