Our method represents us so much that it has become our dogma

We are small and that makes us very agile

Our studio is made up by a very small team and this is how we want to keep it.
We like to offer a one-on-one approach, so you know who you’re working with.
At the same time, we count with an extensive network of expert collaborators which allows us to offer a full-cycle service and at the same time be very competitive.
It has proven to be a win-win in every way.


Let’s sit and talk

To be able to talk about you and for you, we need to know who you are and what you want to project. That’s why at the beginning of each project we spend some time soaking up everything we need to know to start working.


You come up with an idea and we’ll turn it around

When we receive a new assignment, we work on the approach from all points of view. We put ourselves in your place, in your customer’s, your visitors’ as well as the place of someone who still doesn’t know who you are. With this overview, we work proposals that you most likely haven’t considered.


Design and usability have to coexist

What’s the point of designing if it’s not useful?
The design must be linked to the usability of each piece to ensure that the user experience is the desired one. A positive experience will position your business correctly.


Beauty without concept is just beauty

At Alucina we go beyond creating just a beautiful piece. We consider ourselves pixel perfect, we are fans of the graphic minimalism, and the perfect grid and typography, but always with a concept behind it, so that your image represents you consistently. That’s why we work hard to find the combination that fits perfectly with your project. These details will make you great.


Trust is the key to success

This is set in stone. Your trust is essential for us to be able to provide a good service. The years and the experience have given us some tools and resources that we will use with all our energies in your project.
A shared dialogue, with complete transparency, will make everything flow and take us as far as you decide.


We work to entice

That’s it, that’s who we are. Our ultimate wish is to see the excitement explode when we present a design. To know that we have nailed it, that the proposal is no longer a proposal but a reality.
Everything we do also speaks about us and we want to be very proud of it.


All projects need their time

It’s important to keep in mind that every job needs its time. The goal is clear: to provide the best product possible for you. We are honest, responsible and transparent, if we can’t meet your deadlines you’ll know right away.


Yes, less is more

This concept is projected in our design. Clean, simple graphics are an opportunity to speak clearly and add quality. A good brand with a good message, materialized with a perfect design, are the key to success. It will make your project stand out perfectly over time, making it timeless.